Educational Coaching & Consulting

As a leader in any establishment there are often huge demands on one’s time – being strategic, delegating, managing the day-to-day and fire-fighting in a crisis – alongside continuously inspiring, leading and developing an outstanding team and being held to account for outcomes.  Having a clear, real, strategic vision, communicated to all stakeholders and ensuring that each member of the team is driven and expertly equipped to achieve excellence is essential in achieving success.

During my years of Headship running a large primary school, my proudest achievement was transforming the school from Requires Improvement to Outstanding in just 2 years. Under my leadership the school was ranked in the top 3% nationally for progress and 84th in the Times Top 500 Schools. I was quoted by OFSTED as being an ‘Exceptional Leader’. I faced every challenge imaginable and unimaginable that leaders face on a daily basis. And now it is my passion to share my quick-wins, strategic knowledge, expertise and experience to support other leaders.

Leadership Coach-sulting Programme – for Primary, Secondary and MAT Senior/Executive Leaders
A 2-term 1:2:1 online programme for Senior/Executive Leaders

Over 6 months or 2 terms, through the Leadership Coach-sulting Programme, we meet online, once every 3-4 weeks. The programme includes a 360 diagnostic providing valuable insights into a colleague’s leadership which informs the setting of 3 goals. Leaders also to receive bespoke support around their own unique leadership development, tackling school improvement priorities and navigating challenges, in a completely confidential and safe space as well as acquiring their own bespoke resource tool-kit.

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Middle Leaders’ Coaching Quads – for Primary and Secondary School Middle Leaders
A 2-term group online programme for Middle Leaders providing high quality CPD combined with peer-to-peer coaching.

Many middle leaders face some or all of the following challenges:

  • Significant teaching commitment and workload vs requirement to have a tangible impact on the quality of education for a subject area and/or managing a team – leading to challenges around organisation, strategic planning, prioritization and time management. 
  • No training in problem-solving – leading to low initiative/independence and/or regularly seeking advice/support from SLT
  • Lack of clarity about role especially authority & accountability, combined with lack of confidence, limiting self-beliefs, imposter syndrome – leading to lack of taking action or leading without being directed
  • No communication/presentation training – lower confidence and effectiveness in these skills
  • No training in team-building and how to inspire/motivate others
  • No training in holding others to account/navigating difficult conversations and how to manage the conflict of doing so with peers they work alongside The Middle Leaders’ Coaching Quads programme combines quality CPD in these areas with peer-to-peer coaching, to help empower and support middle leaders to take more initiative, be more confident – and ultimately, be more strategic and impactful in terms of having an impact on the Quality of Education.
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Bespoke School Improvement and Leadership Development Packages
For Headteachers, using a combination of coaching and consulting, I help you identify and achieve your goals. Sessions may be face-to-face or online and range from a half day or a number of days – to longer term projects. These sessions are often very practical and always solution-focused, where we look at a specific area of your establishment or leadership and work towards an outcome together. As they say – ‘Two heads are better than one!’

Examples of areas that client typically choose:

  • Establishing a living/breathing vision
  • Establishing a culture of excellence
  • Strategic staffing
  • Strategic development planning
  • Achievement/Improving Outcomes
  • Developing policies and procedures
  • Developing effective/excellent communication
  • Developing an Inspiring Curriculum
  • Developing Outstanding Teaching and Learning
  • Safeguarding
  • Premises
  • Governance
  • Monitoring
  • Behaviour Management
  • Inspiring others
  • Crisis management
  • Team-building/staff well-being
  • Continuous Professional Development
  • Difficult Conversations
  • Stakeholder Voice
  • Preparing for OFSTED

3 Heads are Better than 1 – For Headteachers and Deputy Headteachers

Be part of a great group of like-minded colleagues who meet throughout the year to learn, develop as leaders and support each other.


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