What motivates you?
How will you stay motivated?
How will you deal with set-backs?

As a leader or just in life – being and staying motivated is essential in order to achieve success. People are motivated by different things. We will explore what motivates you and find ways to include and encourage these motivators into your daily life. If you are a leader we will explore what motivates your team. Conversely, we will explore what discourages you, inhibits you, or holds you back and find ways to overcome these obstacles or fears.

What motivates you to want to achieve your goals?
What discourages you?
What are you afraid of?
What do you need to improve to be more motivated?
What set-backs can you predict?
How will you cope with set-backs?
How can you stay motivated?

There may be set-backs along the way, but I will help you find the resilience and confidence to keep going so that you arrive at your final destination and achieve success.